paito warna

Paito sidney is the number of outputs “in the past week” & month “. In an expenditure number if we pay close attention and divided into different days, we will be able to carefully track the movement of each number.

And that can make a new formula in calculating numbers.

The same movements every day are very variable and different “on different days.

Is that true? ? ? , let’s be the same “see in the table below.
this first table shows that in each of the same colors it is a paito pull from top to bottom.

there are 7 columns that I share “every day.

so on Monday we pull up, eat, you will be able to find out how each number moves from above, and so on every day.

okay, next !!!

Until now, I understood what I meant by Paito Sydney’s attraction.

and in this second table I will be more clear to you all.

in this table I take expenses from October 2017. It looks very clear how the movements of each number from top to bottom.

And in the third table that I will give this gives the purpose of each output “specifically taken from top to bottom there we can set a number that will definitely come out 100%

Please pay close attention.

red indicates every output “specifically on a day per week.

and blue is the number that will definitely 100% out the next expenditure.

And for this last table I will give more details about each particular number movement in place when it happens the same way.

Look, it’s so ingenious to look for numbers for future output!

In my review, this means that each of us more and more examines the movement of numbers from top to bottom.

and I hope we are smarter than stubborn.

I hope that what I share this time will be beneficial for all.

And for those who don’t know how to see the table “can open in each of your browsers” just type: sydney color library, enter 7 columns so we can examine according to each day. ”

okay so from me about what is the attraction of Paito Sydney which is deadly stubborn.

jp greetings for all of us !!!